COVID-19 Update

This welcoming community of faith continues to engage and serve as the body of Christ, no matter where we are. In these uncertain waters especially, we remember the power of love, the power of prayer, the spirit of generosity, and the ways we serve to live out our faith. This information will stay up to date as circumstances evolve and decisions are made. Let us always carry out our mission as a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives. Keep holding faith, together.

When will we gather together again for in-person worship?

For now, we will continue to worship virtually only through at least Sunday, September 6. Our conversations with leaders in our community – from the medical, facilities management, and educational fields, along with senior staff leadership – will continue to inform future decisions. We will stay in close touch over the coming weeks, and as always, we will keep holding faith, together.

How do I worship with Second virtually on Sundays?

Our worship broadcast begins at 11 a.m. and lasts just under one hour. There are a few ways you can watch and listen – all of those details are here. But we also worship through prayer (Thursday evenings) and daily Lectio Divina readings. Learn all the ways you can worship with Second!

Can I come to the church Monday through Friday? Can I come into the building or the sanctuary just to visit?

Through at least September 6, the work and operations within our building will remain mission-centric only – like our efforts to assemble back to school kits for Washington Township students or our volunteers working within Northside Food Pantry – with registration, masks, social distancing, and careful planning required, and all state and county guidelines followed at minimum. We will share these mission opportunities with you and we will continue this work with careful and prudent planning.

Who can I contact to get approval for mission work within the building? What if our Bible study or small group wants to engage in this kind of fellowship at Second?

All building operations and activity require conversation with and approval from our staff, and is subject to restricted capacity, reserved space, registration, and local and state guidelines at minimum. You are welcome to email Together@SecondChurch.org with your specific request and someone from the church will gladly be in touch within a week!

What about use of the grounds at Second – like the community garden, parking lots, and other outdoor, open spaces on Second’s property? Can our small group or Bible study gather there?

We have LOVED seeing so many faces from our congregation at Northside Food Pantry parades and our outdoor VBS celebration, as example. We plan to keep this kind of engagement going with careful processes and protocols in place! As has been our process, all outdoor property will follow the same expectations as indoor space: conversation with and approval from our staff is required, and subject to restricted capacity, registration, reserved space, and local and state guidelines at minimum. Please email Together@SecondChurch.org and someone from the church will gladly be in touch within a week!

How can I connect to Second in this time? How can I stay engaged? I miss being together.

We are here for you! We understand the strength that comes from being together – and we will continue to seek new and creative ways that let us do that without compromising the health and safety of our congregation and greater community. Here are a few things you can do to stay in touch!

Why is worship still virtual only when we are allowed by county and state guidelines – adhering to protocols and restrictions – to gather for worship in-person?

Our hope had been to gather for in-person worship, with new protocols and processes, as early as August 9. However, current increases in COVID-19 cases and warnings against returning too soon make it clear that we must carry this hope further down the road. Mitigating the known risk of the spread of COVID-19 within large, confined gatherings, and maintaining our steadfast commitment to the health and safety of our full congregation and the greater community make this the right decision for Second Presbyterian Church. We continue to be informed by the wisdom of medical professionals and guided by our commitments to be a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives and to protect the health and well-being of our members, employees, those who worship or meet in our building, and our community.

What about weddings and funerals?

We are grateful to come along the side of you and your family during these moments of life. As best we can, adhering to local and state guidelines and accommodating the health and safety of all, we’d be happy to discuss your needs with you. Please call (317) 252-6461 to begin these conversations.

I miss my children attending Sunday School. How can kids connect to Second right now?

And we miss having your children in Sunday School! Our incredible Children & Family Ministry team has found many new and creative ways to stay engaged with God’s beloved little children – we’d love to connect with yours! Visit SecondChurch.org/Children to learn much more!

Will Children’s Circle Preschool be open for regularly scheduled classes?

Please contact the Children’s Circle Preschool office at (317) 252-5517 or email Preschool Director Cara Paul at CPaul@SecondChurch.org for all questions regarding Children’s Circle Preschool.

What about CenterPoint Counseling? Can I seek counseling support through Second?

The team at CenterPoint Counseling would be happy to connect with you. This ministry within Second shifted to a telehealth model in March and has continued to serve clients faithfully in this way. Dr. David Chaddock – Director of CenterPoint Counseling – shared his wisdom and perspective with Christian Theological Seminary earlier this summer (you can watch that conversation here!) and was a special guest on AnchorPoint, an online study (click here and look for the 6/14/20 session). Please contact CenterPoint at (317) 252-5518 to connect with a counselor today.