Sacred Spaces @ Second 

Scripture promises that God’s presence is infinite, faithful, and almighty. We believe that God lovingly calls us to places of rest and quiet, seeking to offer strength and assurance when we need it most. To facilitate an environment offering sacred space with safety requirements in place, we invite you to seek God’s tender call and rest in the knowledge of such abundant love.

*Registration, masks, and social distancing are required. Please see specific restrictions and guidelines with each event registration below.

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    Sanctuary Visit 


    Still and sacred, peaceful and powerful, the Sanctuary at Second Presbyterian Church is a beloved space. You can use this guide to explore the stained glass windows, the flags, the Rose window, the Ascension window, and more, allowing you to gain a deeper appreciation for this sacred space. 

    Also, you can revisit these videos featuring Second member Dr. Linda Rinker sharing the history and symbolism of the Sanctuary stained glass windows.



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    Prayer Walk


    During the week, we invite you to walk the outside grounds of Second – a personal journey in prayer – and surrender to the presence of God’s faithfulness all around you. Created by Dr. John Koppitch and the pastoral staff of Second, this prayer walk will guide your feet from the sanctuary doors around to the memorial garden, labyrinth, Northside Food Pantry doors, community garden, and other powerful places of worship throughout Second’s 26 acres of beautiful ground. Scripture, history, and prayer will journey with you as you quiet your heart and feel God’s presence in your midst.

    *Registration required; masks required if two or more walking.

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    Praying by walking a labyrinth is an ancient practice, a playground of prayer where we discover what God has for us this day. During the week, we invite you to pray through the labyrinth at Second. Created by Lake Fellow Rev. Gracie Payne and the pastoral staff at Second, let this guide lead you through moments of preparation, entrance, illumination, union, and implementation as you walk close with Jesus Christ. To honor the intimate journey of a labyrinth, we ask that no more than two be walking at a time.

    *Masks are required if two walkers are present. We ask that you maintain appropriate social distancing.