Blood Drive
Sunday, January 24

Roll up your sleeve in the church atrium on Sunday, January 24 between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Giving blood may seem like a small gesture, but it is a great help to those facing medical emergencies in our community.

Ministering to our community includes providing the resources needed during a time of crisis for hope and healing. Donating blood is a powerful way to show compassion and contribute to the well-being of patients in our city. Versiti Blood Center of Indiana is experiencing a critical need for blood donors. All donors are required to register and wear personal masks or face coverings. Donors should feel well and in good health.

The SARS CoV-2 antibody test will be performed on all successful donations, in addition to FDA mandated infectious disease testing for all blood donations Versiti already performs. The test will inform donors if they have antibodies reflective of a prior COVID-19 infection and is not to inform donors if they currently have COVID-19. Click here for more information about the Versiti COVID-19 protocol.