Coordinator (or Pastor) of Engagement

Coordinator (or Pastor) of Engagement

Second Presbyterian Church (Indianapolis, IN) is seeking an Interim Coordinator (or Associate Pastor) of Engagement to design, evaluate, and implement ministries of evangelism, new member assimilation, member engagement, community formation, and fellowship for the congregation.

Second Presbyterian Church is a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives. Our 3,500 member congregation is committed to ministries of invitation, hospitality, and connection. We are looking for a faithful, enthusiastic, gifted leader who will help us explore innovative ways of reaching beyond the congregation and deepening the bonds of community within it. We are open to ordained and non-ordained (or not-yet-ordained) candidates as we discern God’s call for this full-time interim position.

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The Interim Associate Pastor (or Interim Coordinator) of Engagement will be responsible for designing, implementing, and evaluating programs of evangelism, new member assimilation, member engagement, community formation, and fellowship at Second Presbyterian Church. Effectiveness will be evaluated by the presence of a spiritually dynamic, highly visible, well-communicated, skillfully coordinated, diverse membership and evangelism program, with active and enthusiastic congregational participation that welcomes visitors and invites them to Christian fellowship and involves new members in the transforming life and ministry of the church.

The Interim Associate Pastor/Coordinator of Engagement is accountable to the Session of Second Presbyterian Church through the Personnel Committee of Second Presbyterian Church and serves under the direction of the Senior Associate Pastor of Congregational Life and the Senior Pastor of Second Presbyterian Church.


  • Holds and demonstrates Christian values
  • Deep faith in Jesus Christ and love for the Church
  • Passion for evangelism and Christian formation
  • Well-organized
  • Honors confidentiality
  • Effective in guiding staff and volunteers in overseeing a comprehensive program of evangelism and new member assimilation
  • Team player, manifesting grace, humor and joy in working with others
  • Open to new ideas and approach challenges with a creative and flexible spirit


  • Master of Divinity Degree (Associate Pastor)
  • Demonstrates a deep love for promoting evangelism and spiritual formation
  • Skillful communicator of the Gospel and teacher of the Christian faith
  • Skillful administrator of church programs


  • Inspire others for sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ
  • Evaluate programs of evangelism, assimilation, engagement, and community formation
  • Connect with first-time worshippers and communicate with visitors
  • Serve as staff liaison to the Congregational Life Committee that has overview of the ministries of
  • evangelism, membership, and fellowship
  • Coordinate the evangelism events that promote a culture of invitation
  • Coordinate the welcoming and follow-up of visitors
  • Coordinate hospitality and welcoming atmosphere on Sunday mornings and for special events
  • Oversee the Welcome Centers and the Sunday morning Coffee Hour and the Hospitality Team.
  • Develop materials and website content for visitors and new members
  • Design and lead the new member program
  • Coordinate the assimilation of new members through the Follow-up Ministry Team
  • Supervise the administrative assistant responsible for membership records and statistical reports
  • Provide Statistical Report to Session monthly
  • Oversee fellowship groups
  • Design and promote fellowship events
  • Participate in hospital calling on a rotation basis and provide pastoral care when requested
  • Meet regularly with the Senior Associate Pastor of Congregational Life.
  • Attend all pertinent staff meetings
  • Attend all Staff retreats
  • Attend all Session meetings
  • Assist in worship services and preach, as requested
  • Teach at Sunday School classes, as called upon
  • Perform all other pastoral and administrative duties as assigned
  • Date approved by Personnel: 12/5/18