Bread for the World
Offering of Letters

"Jesus said, 'You give them something to eat.'"
Matthew 14:16


Second member Mary Henehan shares her passion for hunger relief and explains how you can help.

Will you join Bread in speaking up for families struggling right here in Indiana? Each year Second partners with Bread for the World to advocate about food security issues in our country and around the world.

Here's how you can let your voice be heard:

  1. Write a letter at Second on Sunday, June 13. The Hunger Team will have tables set up following 10 a.m. worship. Stop by to write a letter, and the hunger team will hand deliver our messages to our elected officials. Children's letters and pictures are welcome!
  2. Send a personal email to your representatives. You can use this simple form to direct a personalized message to your representatives.
  3. Write letters on your own. You can download this suggested letter format and use this link to find your representatives and their contact information.


Sen. Braun Agrees: Good Nutrition 'Pays Dividend'

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) told nearly 300 Bread advocates he supports investing in good nutrition as a means to not just end hunger, but to prevent the costly consequences of poor health.

“Investing in education, good nutrition in health… all of that pays dividends; a return on investment of a better life,” Sen. Braun  said during the Feeding our Economy webinar hosted April 20 by Bread for the World, Indiana. “Remediation is so much more costly than preventing (poor nutrition) in the first place.”

“At all levels: state, local, private sector and any of the stuff we do at the federal government, you get a good return on your investment by making sure you’ve got good nutrition that prevents all the consequences if you don’t.”
As the ranking member of the Nutrition Subcommittee, the senator said he was keenly interested in proper nutrition for children in Indiana, noting a need to improve their diet and nutrition. The subcommittee anticipates hearings on local farms providing food resources for school lunches.

“Currently the nutrition part of our budget will be renewed at levels that have had a good track record” with attention to making access to existing services like WIC easier, he said.

Watch the full Bread for the World Indiana event here.

Indiana is the 11th hungriest state in the country.​​

  • 1 of every 6 children in Indiana live in poverty. ​
  • 1 in 7 households in Indiana struggle to put food on the table.
  • An individual must earn more than $15 per hour in Indiana to provide for a family, yet, the state minimum wage is $7.75.
  • In 2017, over 100 million meals were provided by federal programs in Marion County alone. But these federal programs are constantly at risk during budget cuts.

COVID-19 exposed the vulnerability of the U.S. safety net and amplified the inequity that shows that Black, Latino, and Indigenous children have disproportionately higher levels of food insecurity than their white counterparts. Children are more vulnerable than any other group to the damaging impacts of hunger even for short periods.

"Bread for the World is the preeminent voice for the hungry
in the halls of Congress."
Mr. Jim Morris, Second member and
former Executive Director, UN World Food Programme



More about the Offering of Letters

Each year Bread for the World’s Offering of Letters to Congress engages churches, campuses, and other faith communities in writing personalized letters to Congress. You can join your voice with others around the country calling for a world without hunger.

People write letters, usually as a group, and present them as an offering to God before mailing them to Congress. Hundreds of Offerings are held each year, resulting in tens of thousands of letters to Congress. Supported with prayer, these letters are a bold witness to God’s justice and mercy. Year after year, they continue to have a significant impact on the decisions made in Congress.

Second's Offering of Letters is one of the tangible ways we live into the Matthew 25 initiative, which calls us "to act boldly and compassionately to serve people who are hungry, oppressed, imprisoned or poor."

Learn more

Visit Bread for the World’s website (bread.org) to learn more about food insecurity among vulnerable people here and around the world and find out what you can do to help end hunger.