Drawing Closer to God

Drawing Closer to God: Transformation Through Spiritual Practices 
Wednesdays (March 4-April 1) 6:30-8 pm, Room 356

The season of Lent is an invitation to draw closer to God through a renewed appreciation of God’s presence in our lives. God is always present with us. However, we often fail to perceive this due to thoughts, feelings, and actions that hinder our awareness of this reality. One of the ways in which we make space in our lives to communicate with God and appreciate God’s presence is through spiritual practices.

This class, taught by John Franke and David Bell, will examine specific spiritual formation practices that offer a pathway of life transformation through a greater awareness of God’s constant presence in our lives. In addition to exploring spiritual practices that are essential for all of us, we will also consider those that particularly correspond with particular Enneagram types.

The Enneagram is wisdom about nine styles of human character and core motivation that shape how we see, interpret, and experience the world. For followers of Jesus Christ this wisdom becomes truly transformational in relation to spiritual practices that sharpen are awareness of God’s presence in ourselves and others. The class will introduce the Enneagram and the various motivational types and provide particular attention to spiritual practices that accentuate the virtue of each type.

Join us for this Lenten journey of transformation for the purposes of God in our lives.
Rev. Kelley Jepsen, Rev. Chris Palmer, and Rev. Gracie Payne. Sponsored by Young Adults, Children & Family Ministry, and CenterPoint Counseling.