Ruling Elders

Ruling Elders, who are entrusted with the spiritual government of the church, are elected by the congregation, ordained for life, and serve on the Session for a three year term.

Moderator/President: Rev. Chris Henry
Vice-Moderator/Vice/President: Anne Nobles
Clerk of Session: Cathie Reese
Treasurer: Robert Warhurst

Care Committee Chair: Suzanne Baker
Commitment Committee Chair: Bill Donaldson
Communication Committee Chair: Bob Zoccola
Engagement Committee Chair: Ron Snow
Formation Committee Chairs: Kathy Clark and Chris Melton
Human Resources Committee Chair: Brent Eckhart
Mission Committee Chair: Steve Alspaugh
Operations Committee Chair: Robert Warhurst
Strategic Planning Committee Chair: Anne Nobles
Worship Committee Chair: Janet Blank

Class of 2022

  • Janet Blank (Worship)
  • Bill Donaldson (Commitment)
  • Brent Eckhart (Personnel)
  • Edie Enright (Commitment)
  • David Funke (Strategic Planning)
  • Beverly Miller (Operations)
  • Carol Paik (Mission)
  • Jim Shaw (Care)
  • Carl Snipes (Formation)
  • Bob Zoccola (Communication)

Class of 2023

  • Alicia Buckley (Strategic Planning)
  • Chris Carrel (Mission)
  • Marcy Haboush (Worship)
  • Charles Liles (Personnel)
  • Jim Maggard (Commitment)
  • Rebecca Malick (Operations)
  • Elise Montoya (Formation)
  • Bill Pfadt (Engagement)
  • Paul Reis (Communication)
  • Tim Scher (Care)

Class of 2024

  • Brent Benge (Operations)
  • Teri Cochran (Engagement)
  • Fred Emhardt (Mission)
  • Marilyn Kuhn (Care)
  • Don Palmer (Strategic Planning)
  • Krissy Seufert (Human Resources)
  • Jennifer Shirk (Communication)
  • Sara Twining (Worship)
  • Ted Vatnsdal (Formation)
  • Bob Zachidny (Commitment)