Saturday Nights with Second: Equipped for Every Good Work

Led by the Pastoral Leadership Team at Second, we spent the month of February diving deeper into scripture. Together – with intention and in community – we listened and we learned. How do we read scripture? How do we interpret scripture? How do we faithfully embody the Bible?

Designed for your small group, your Bible study, a walk with a friend, your own quiet time, or simply for shared conversation, we encourage you to spend time with this series.

Our faith journeys are unique to each of us – we may be in different chapters, different seasons – but the common bond of scripture holds us together as followers of Jesus Christ. Our hope is this series offers an on-ramp to deeper conversation and shared community as disciples – always learning, always growing.

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    Week One: How Do We Read Scripture?

    Rev. Chris Henry lays the foundation for this four-part series. In this hour, you’ll hear his tips on how to read scripture, the common ground we all share, and more.

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    Week Two: How to Get Started

    Rev. Brian Shivers and Rev. Gracie Payne walk us through Week Two. Listen to their guidance on journeying through the Bible, and their personal stories on what we love about scripture and why we read it.

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    Week Three: A Never-Failing Spring

    Rev. Madison Van Veelen and Dr. John Franke create great conversation in Week Three. Looking at the same scripture across three translations – King James Version (KJV), New International Version (NIV), and New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), learn about context and the gift in different translations.

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    Week Four: Scripture's Formative Authority

    Rev. Chris Henry closes the series with this question: What scriptures form the heart of your faith?