Heart to Give Matthew 25 Workbook

This fall we are thinking of how we can prepare our hearts to give, to care for the earth, others, and ourselves. This children’s workbook is an opportunity for the children to learn about how THEY can participate in the work of ministry and use their hearts to give to God’s family!

In these pages, we invite every child to think about what they can give to God, how they can use their God-given gifts. What can they do to help others? What can they do to take care of the earth? What can they share with others? What can they do to grow closer to God?

Additionally, think about how Second can equip your family to put your hearts in motion. We want to be your charging station of love and help guide you toward faithful giving. Blessings and peace to you and to your household!

Grown-ups can learn more about the Matthew 25 Initiative by clicking here.