Begin, Again Magazine

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Begin, Again Art: Ship Banner

Our sanctuary features eight beautiful fabric banners. The originals were handcrafted by Marian Beesley and her assistants, based on designs by Mary Newill. Both women were members of Second Church. Over time, the original banners faded. Volunteers created new ones using chemical dyes to ensure long life. These banners are a visible testament to how our life at Second evolves as we continue to renew our spaces and move forward in our spiritual journey together. The newly invigorated banners breathed fresh life into this sacred sanctuary, offering a flowing reminder of how we continue to begin, again.

In the fall of 2020, we look to the banner of the ship sailing on the water. The image of the ship symbolizes the church, especially its missionary work. At a time when so many of us may feel unmoored and adrift, we put our faith in the One who channels the winds and calms the seas. We settle into the boat, chart a course, set our sails, and begin, again.