An Enneagram Spiritual Retreat: Centering Ourselves for the Advent Season

The Holidays in any year for most of us are both a wonderful time of celebration and a season with various challenges. We love being with family and at the same time we can lose ourselves in the challenges of being with family. We love the hustle and bustle of the season and at the same time we can lose ourselves in the stress caused by the hustle and bustle. We love the focus on the birth of Jesus and yet we can lose ourselves when the “other stuff” causes us to minimize the “reason for the season.”

In this half-day seminar led by David Bell, a leading teacher of the Enneagram in Indianapolis, we will come together to spiritually prepare for this “most wonderful time of the year.” We will center together on the coming of God into the world in Jesus Christ through corporate and individual spiritual practices in ways consistent with our own Enneagram style. The Enneagram is a way of wisdom that integrates beautifully with the contemplative tradition of our Christian faith, focusing us toward our spiritual formation in the image of Christ. To that end, this retreat workshop will include Enneagram teaching followed by corporate engagement in various spiritual practices. Whether you are an Enneagram veteran, a new beginner, or just a curious onlooker concerning this way of wisdom, this seminar in a perfect way to “center” yourself for the coming Advent season as well as the year ahead. 

For more information, contact John Franke.