Let's Meet and Eat!

Are you wanting to get to know other members of the Second community of faith? “Dinners for 8" is a new opportunity for you to be placed into a group with folks you may not know well (or at all!) for the purpose of growing and deepening relationships. Once groups are formed, they’ll decide when and how to meet. Please fill out this form by April 19 to join the fun!

"Dinners for 8" is for EVERYONE -- single, married, dating, all ages! These small dinner groups help foster more meaningful Christian fellowship, hospitality, belonging, fun, and closer interpersonal and social relationships with other Second Church members.

In our last round of "Dinners for 8," six groups enjoyed getting to know each other. We'd love for you to be part of the next series of dinners! Our hope is that each of the groups will meet a total of six times between May and October. On the sign-up form, you can indicate your preference to be with an intergenerational group or similar age range/life stage. In the comment section, feel free to let us know of any other preferences!

If you have questions or want to learn more, feel free to contact Bill Lewis at (937) 239-5077 or Dorothy Lewis at (937) 344-7339.