The Call to Welcome: An Evening with Professor Dirk Smit

What are the possibilities and challenges of welcome for the church today? Professor Dirk Smit enters into a conversation with Rev Chris Henry about the ways that, despite our contemporary challenges, the Holy Spirit is calling Christians to be witnesses to the reconciling love of God. Drawing on his experience in Apartheid South Africa, Professor Smit shares how even in the most treacherous conditions, the love of God in Christ Jesus continues to equip the Church for work in our divided moment.

Professor Dirk Smit is currently Professor of Reformed Theology and Public Life at Princeton Seminary, as well as Professor Emeritus at Stellenbosch University in South Africa. He was one of three writers of the Belhar Confession, a groundbreaking theological statement that was recently added to the PC(USA)'s Book of Confessions. The spiritual and political context of the Belhar Confession is Apartheid, and the Confession aims to witness to the ways that unity is both a "gift and an obligation for the Church of Jesus Christ." The Belhar Confession laid the theological groundwork for the world community of churches to declare the racism of Apartheid as contrary to the will of God.