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Supplies for Washington Township students
July 24 & 25, 2022

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As in years past, our mission work supporting local Washington Township students goes on! This summer our Deacons are partnering with St. Luke's United Methodist Church and Northminster Presbyterian Church to provide school supplies for our neighbors. Follow the sign up link above to find many dates, times, and jobs available!

On July 24 and 25 we'll be working at the Washington Township school warehouse to assemble school supplies for each school. We'll join local students and other helpers to organize supplies and get them where students need them most: the schools!

Your financial support is also appreciated. You can make a donation online (select "Back to School" from the drop down menu). Any donation amount makes a difference!

Would you like to do more? Adopt a classroom!
A new way to support our partners at Greenbriar Elementary (our Northside mission partner in Washington Township) is to fund all needed supplies for an entire classroom, for the whole school year. Prayerfully consider teaming up with friends, neighbors, or your small group to donate $1,000 (select "Back to School" from the drop down menu) to fully equip a classroom of students this school year.