Speak Out to End Hunger!

Sunday, September 24; following 10 AM worship, McFarland Hall

"When we take care of those in need,
we are in fact, serving Christ."

—Matthew 25 parable


Many of our neighbors are hungry; they work full-time and rely on the services of Northside Food Pantry for assistance. But this is not enough to alleviate hunger.

Join us in McFarland Hall after 10 AM worship on September 24 to write letters urging our federal officials to renew the Farm Bill, which is the most important national food system legislation. It is critical to ending hunger at home and abroad. Volunteers will be providing materials and sample letters for you to use. Thank you for helping the hungry through this Bread for the World letter writing campaign!

Look up your elected officials and send an email instead.

HUNGER - Advocacy: Speak Out for Others

Why do we do this work? As Christians we are called to speak out on behalf of others.

Add your voice to Second's work addressing hunger as a church for the city and across the country. We'll equip you with helpful information, as well as offer tools to help you contact your state and national government representatives. We believe that advocacy is part of our Christian witness and discipleship.

Leaders in Congress really do listen to their constituents. Every letter you write to your representatives on Capitol Hill is read and cataloged – and tells your representative which issues to prioritize.

Advocate for Action

So much of our mission work involves being the hands and feet of Christ, providing food for our neighbors, building and repairing homes. Advocacy Days allow us to amplify the voice of Christ as well, speaking out for those in need.

This work is nonpartisan. We are all called to bear the burdens of others and walk alongside our neighbors. Writing to our representatives is an opportunity to address the roots of housing and hunger issues, getting to the factors that perpetuate the problems.

Letters are a strong witness of community concerns and personal testimonies.

Thank you for putting your faith into action by using your voice to advocate for others. Follow these easy steps to speak out.