Children's Circle Preschool - March 27, 2020 message

March 27, 2020

Dear CCP Families,

Every day through this “corona-crisis” I have been amazed by the ways you all have continued to hold this community together. Classroom Zoom calls, sending each other drawings and letters in the mail, and FaceTime playdates are all a testament to this preschool family’s connection. The support we provide one another will make a difference during this extended school closure.

As I am sure you are aware, the governor has indicated that it best that all schools remain closed through at least May 1. We may not like this plan, but if it gets us all to a healthier, safer world, it will be worth it. This means we will not be together for some time, but we, the staff of CCP, will be here to serve you in any way we can.

The CCP Board met this week to discuss the financial implications of this long closure. While not ideal, we are working hard to ensure we honor our commitment to our families and our staff. Since we will not have classes during the month of April, CCP will not collect April tuition. We will not initiate ACH payments for those who have signed up for them. If your family uses an auto bill pay method for payment, you may stop the April payment. If you believe a check has already been issued, we will hold it and will not deposit it. We are able to still pay our staff despite this loss of income and ensure they can take care of their families.

Should your family wish to gift your tuition for the month of April, that gift would be appreciated and would help tremendously. We know this is a confusing time with many unknowns, and the Board wants you to do what is right for your family. If you do wish to make an April payment, you may email me directly and I will let you know what that process will look like. Any gifts will go solely to pay our staff. They all “show up” for our students, families, and each other every day and are the number one asset of this program.

We will hope that we can be together again before the end of the school year. If CCP cannot be in session during May, we will let you know the next steps by April 25. The Board is taking this one step at a time, and we appreciate your patience.

So many of you have reached out to check in on our staff and other families. This is the greatest gift -- the relationships built at CCP. We, the staff and Board of CCP, are so grateful for the ways you support us. We are blessed to share this ministry with you.

We are hard at work to create more video content so your kiddos can see us. The staff responded with so much enthusiasm to find new ways to teach and share stories and songs. I will let you know how you can find those soon.


Cara Paul