Wholeness & Communion Service

The Wholeness Service takes place on Sundays at 10:35am in the Milner Chapel. This intimate worship service provides a space for reflection, the sharing of communion, and anointing and prayer.

Through communion, we encounter the presence of Christ, strengthened to go out into the world as God’s beloved children to love ourselves and others. Through anointing - the simple gifts of oil, prayer, and the laying on of hands – we invite the Holy Spirit’s guidance and blessing.

This brief yet meaningful worship service offers a quiet place to rest in God’s presence. It is a place to bring not only sorrow and loss, but also joy, anticipation, and hope. Perhaps you recently experienced or are facing a significant life event, such as the birth of a child, or a birthday, anniversary, or another milestone. You may be in the midst of health challenges or preparing for surgery, or mourning the death of a loved one. Whatever your circumstances might be, this time is open to all.

Join us at the Wholeness Service as we worship the loving God who is present with us always.