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Faith Expressions Exhibit


Second's Faith Expressions class artwork, inspired by the story of the Prodigal Son, is on display in McFarland Hall now through mid-Januray.

Also, the class has been featured on WFYI's radio show, "The Art of the Matter". 

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Art & Worship
Because of its creative nature, art is truly a reflection of God’s creative spirit. Through the creation and the perception of beauty, we praise and celebrate the creative power of God. Art is, in this respect, an aspect of worship.

The parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-31) has been read, studied and interpreted over hundreds of years. It continues to influence the arts, morality, faith and language. In this seminar series we will explore the parable of The Prodigal through the avenues of religion, literature, poetry, music, dance and the visual arts. Our purpose is to gain a deeper understanding of the various interpretations by artists over the years and for attending artists to explore their own faith expression through their chosen media. Together we will discover and discuss the variety of theological, social, historical and cultural responses the narrative has elicited.

We should always be mindful that we bring our own presuppositions to the scripture text whether from personal experience, insights or religious experience. Be cognizant of how your background has influenced the way in which you have come to understand this incident. Your readings, encounters with differing interpretations, with music, poetry and literature and visual art may confirm your assumptions or challenge them.

Ultimately, we ask not only what do you make of the parable, but what does it make of you? We ask you to develop your own relationship to the narrative and explore how your art can give expression to that newly formed connection.

Artists who take part in the series will have an opportunity to explore their spirituality and their spiritual journey through their artistic media.