When Faith Becomes Sight
Wednesdays, January 12 - April 27
6:30-8 PM on Zoom

Have you developed eyes to see God at work in every part of every day? An interactive class on the book When Faith Becomes Sight will guide us in our journey to recognize the presence and heart of God in our lives. Join us as we grow together on a path to realization, shalom, and wholeness. Quiet your mind as we explore spiritual practices which direct us to our own sense of spirit. 

Authors Beth and David Booram will join us for two of the class sessions. This study will be led by Beth Dawson and members of the Spiritual Growth Ministry Team at Second. Email Beth Dawson or call her at (317) 979-1885 for more details or to express interest in the class. 

You'll not want to miss this unique opportunity to explore God's heart in our lives.