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Life and Death: We Belong to God

9:30 a.m., Room 356 (March 5-April 9)

Death is an inevitable part of life, the final milestone in life’s journey. We all meet death in the end, yet we do not talk about it often. For many, it is an avoided topic until it can no longer be avoided. However, death has been a part of the community faith throughout the centuries, and indeed it could be said that dying well is a Christian spiritual practice. We have much to learn from each other and from our tradition when it comes to death.

What does it mean to die in the faith?

How do we help others to die knowing that they are held by God?

How do we negotiate rapidly advancing medical technologies, seeking to discern their best use?

How can we plan for our eventual death?

Led and facilitated by Rev. Chelsea Guenther Benham, this class will cover a range of topics related to death such as theological understandings of death and resurrection, visions of heaven, preparation for end-of-life wishes, the art of funerals, and the practice of grief.

  • March 5Introduction: What does it mean to die well? with Rev. Chelsea Benham
  • March 12Death in the Christian Tradition with Dr. John Franke
  • March 19Funerals with David Ring and Pat Shirey (This week we will meet in the Common Room.)
  • March 26End of Life with Carol Applegate and Dr. Emily Giesel
  • April 2The Practice of Grief with Rev. Karen Lang and Dr. David Chaddock
  • April 9Your Legacy for the Future with Dr. John Koppitch, and Living Well Through the End with Rev. Chelsea Benham