Lost in Wonder
Photography by David Chandler

McFarland Hall Art Gallery is “Lost in Wonder” with the photography of David Chandler.

In the artist’s own words:

Wonder. Being in awe; being curious; being open; being surprised. The great twentieth-century Jewish mystic, Abraham Joshua Heschel, suggests that to die is no longer to be surprised. It is sad how often I am not these things. So often I simply do not see. So often I am too busy, too pre-occupied with worries, goals, hopes, fears–the doctor’s appointment in two days, the paper that is already late, the concert tonight or this weekend, the lecture I need to tweak, how far behind I am on a project–that I miss seeing, hearing, feeling, touching, tasting what is right around me. Alas, all too often, this is my ordinary, daily experience.

How can I step out of this ordinary way of experiencing the world? How can I “see” more often? Wonder? Be in awe? Be surprised? Four avenues have been deeply influential for me: photography, the twentieth-century philosophical tradition known as phenomenology, what might be called the monastic tradition of spirituality, or the contemplative vision, and Zen Buddhism. How can such disparate influences fit together?

We invite you to learn more about the artist’s influences and process at SecondChurch.org/FineArts, and visit the gallery now through January 14, 2022.