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Building Tomorrow

Elder George Srour, who is a member of Second and our Commissioned Missional Leader, is the founder and chief dreamer of Building Tomorrow, a ministry committed to building schools in underserved areas of Uganda that will ultimately educate 51,000 children. Building Tomorrow has broken ground on its 50th school. Second Church is being challenged to raise $35,000 to build a school in Uganda.

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Building Tomorrow
by George Srour
Sitting in the back pew while home for the holidays, congregant and then-Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), Jim Morris, shared his vision for a school feeding program launched in countries throughout the developing world. Intrigued by the program and without a clue as to how I’d spend my subsequent summer, I asked Dr. Joan Malick to help me explore the potential of interning with WFP.
Six months later, courtesy of a grant from Second’s Mission Committee, I was en route to Rome to work in WFP’s global headquarters. My time was punctuated by a stint at WFP’s East Africa regional office in Kampala where I saw WFP’s efforts on-the-ground first hand.
The idea for Building Tomorrow was formed while on a site visit in Kampala—seeing that school feeding program in place and realizing ‘school’ looked a whole lot different for me than it did for kids in Uganda. And I couldn’t shake the feeling there was something I could do about that very realization. As they say, the rest of the story is history.
At every juncture, Second has stood behind the work of Building Tomorrow and the vision that still guides us today. From hosting an initial conversation to critique our business plan, to organizing immersion trips for college students, to consistently supporting operating costs in Uganda, the Second community has propelled Building Tomorrow to where it is today.
One of the most poignant life lessons Second taught me is gifts come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of the greatest gifts we’ve received at Building Tomorrow have come when fellow congregants have given of their time. Volunteers have licked their fair share of envelopes. Friends have decorated venues in preparations for our biggest event of the year. Engineers have spent two weeks on the ground redesigning our own construction standards.
Second is Building Tomorrow. Today, more than 33,000 students, a third of which were out-of-school when Building Tomorrow reached them, are benefitting from our programming. Behind each one of those students are the innumerable ways Second has wrapped its arms around the work of Building Tomorrow.