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Small Groups

Transformation happens in small groups.  You can join a ChristCare group or one of the larger fellowship groups, such as Families in Christ or Covenant, who bring together individuals and couples sharing similar life stages.

ChristCare Small Groups

ChristCare Small Groups

What is a ChristCare Group?
A ChristCare Group is a gathering of 5 to 12 people who meet weekly or bi-weekly to focus on four activities:

  • mutual care and encouragement
  • prayer and worship
  • practical study that relates the Bible to everyday life
  • service or outreach to others

Who would benefit from participation in a ChristCare Group?
All those who desire to:

  • learn more about God
  • grow in their Christian faith
  • develop a closer fellowship with others
  • give and receive care during life’s ups and downs
  • pray and worship God in a small group environment
  • discover and develop their gifts and special talents
  • reach out to others in practical ways with the love of Jesus.

If you are interested in joining or forming a ChristCare group, please contact Karen Reynard.

Families In Christ
Sundays, 9:30 a.m., Room 112

Families In Christ

SUNDAYS, 9:30 AM, Room 112
Adults of all ages are welcome to this Sunday morning class where we circle up to discuss and grow in faith together! Social and service opportunities are offered for families throughout the year.
Contact: Ann VanMeter (



Couples and individuals with teenagers or young adult children meet regularly for social events and service projects.  Want to join the fun?  Contact

Sages of Second
A group of individuals over the age of 60

Sages at Second

Who Are The Sages? 

If you or your spouse are over 60 years of age, you are automatically considered a member of this very distinguished group. Over 1,400 of Second Church members are Sages.

We are a friendly, open, committed and enthusiastic group of seniors who enjoy being together and hosting activities for the entire congregation, regardless of age. Our Sages are actively involved in the life of Second Presbyterian Church and always exploring new mission opportunities.

Sages are Deacons and Elders, volunteers and tutors, Sunday school teachers, mentors, parents and grandparents from all walks of life. Some of us work full time and some of us play full time, but we are a group that is adventuresome, involved in serving and having fun. We are a community that is committed to one another and to exploring ways to share our Christian way of life.

Our Sage Council consists of over 150 elected members who attend five council meetings (always a great time as a pastor from the staff, informs us about ‘Happenings at Second’). Council members serve a three year term and are the people responsible for planning programs, activities and trips.

Are you searching for a new way to become involved in your church? Sages is an organization that does not demand much of your time, only your interest. Our mission is to find new and enthusiastic ways to be of service to God, Second Church and one another.

We strive to live out the Sages’ Motto of Faith, Friends, Fellowship and Fun! We hope to see you soon and often! For more information please contact Sherri McMonigle, Sages Ministry Assistant, (317)253-6461 or Rev. Madison VanVeelan, Staff Liaison at (317) 253-6461.

Bible & Book Studies
Study and fellowship classes for all ages and genders.