Holding Faith, Together
For our country, our world, and one another

At Second Presbyterian we have embraced the call to hold faith, together, with prayer and perseverance. We have been reminded of God’s promised presence – throughout scripture and in our own daily bread – and we remember that we are first, followers of Jesus Christ. It is with this central identity – as followers of Jesus Christ who belong to one another – that Rev. Chris Henry has challenged us to faithfully navigate this time.

We’ve been reminded of our faithful call to represent the gospel to the world: compassion, courage, Christ-like love, and the capacity to be changed. In prayer for God’s guidance, mercy, and hope, may we be renewed in our collective commitment to live the way of Christ together; to hear God’s higher wisdom and deeper shalom; to embrace grace as the message of Christ-followers to the world.

Standing firm in this united faith, we invite you to come together as the body of Christ and hold our country, our world, and one another in prayer. In addition to the words below penned by Rev. Chris Henry, we offer videos of recent prayers lifted up by our pastors:

Sanctuary Prayers
Recorded on Monday, November 2

In prayer for our country and our world on the eve of the 2020 election, we came together as the body of Christ. As is our tradition at Second, we faithfully turned to God in prayer and stood firm in our united faith as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Prayers of the People
Recorded Election Day, Tuesday, November 3

Holding prayer in spirit and in unity, the pastoral staff of Second offered virtual prayers throughout Election Day to anchor and to guide us. The prayer videos – ten in all – continue to steady and sustain us as followers of Jesus Christ.

Message from Rev. Chris Henry
Recorded Wednesday, November 4

Embracing our faithful work as people of God, Rev. Chris Henry offered a message to our congregation as we moved through a new day. The mission of Second Presbyterian Church – to be a welcoming community of faith where Jesus Christ transforms lives – is still be our call, our work. And as we continue holding faith, together, we meet our nation, our world, and one another with peace, compassion, and healing – ever still.

Faithful Politics

What is the call of the church, and the role of Christian faith, in such a time as this?

Building on our Faithful Politics series and the sermons preached on September 20 and 27, Rev. Chris Henry led two evening sessions reflecting on how we might faithfully navigate this election season as followers of Jesus Christ who belong to one another.