Home is very basic to who we are. It’s a place of security. A place of retreat and retrenching. A place to claim as our own, with all its quirks and familiarities, unique in all the world. 

Being without a home impacts nearly every aspect of what we think of as basic to family. For families living on the margins and in cycles of poverty, being without a home is a very real and constant threat. 

We don’t have to look far in the Bible to know that God understands our drive and desire for home. God led the displaced Israelites through the desert to achieve their hearts’ desire of a permanent home. God wants for all people to have a place of safety and security. “Then my people will live in a peaceful dwelling, in secure homes, in carefree resting places,” says Isaiah 32:18.

Every child deserves a place they can call home. Our congregation offers many ways you can reach out to neighbors to help them find the security and peace of home.

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