College Ministries

Staying connected
Staying grounded
Staying in touch

You belong. You are loved. You are enough.


Staying Connected – twice a year, a team of wonderful volunteers from the church consisting of parents of college students, elders, and other members put together care packages for our college students and graduate students. Please fill out this form to ensure we have the most up to date information.

Staying Grounded – Second is committed to help you stay grounded in your faith while you are in college. Each summer, there is a weekly gathering for Bible study, prayer, and fun.

Next Steps – A Reconciliation Journey – This experience happens every other year. It involves a summer of learning about narrative work, reconciliation, and conflict focused on Israel and Palestine. The experience culminates with a ten day trip to Israel and Palestine after Christmas. 

Staying In Touch – Throughout the year, there will be virtual and in person gatherings scheduled. Be sure to fill out this contact form to make sure that the church has your correct contact information.