Building Use Policy

Through its facilities at 7700 N. Meridian Street, Second Presbyterian is pleased to serve its congregation and its community.

It is expected that all organizations and persons utilizing the facilities at Second Presbyterian Church would treat the property and furnishings in a manner consistent with biblical stewardship principles. There is no charge for the use of the building for Second Presbyterian Church church-related groups.

Priority of use is as follows:
1. Regularly scheduled meetings connected with Second Presbyterian.
2. All other functions of Second Presbyterian, not regularly scheduled.
3. Activities and functions of the Presbyterian denomination.
4. All inter-denominational church meetings.
5. All church-related groups.
6. Social service and community groups.
7. Outside groups (with approval).

The Executive Administrative Assistant to the Director of H.R. and Administrative Services handles all outside group intake and scheduling. The Director of H.R. and Administrative Services approves groups and may adjust or waive outside group fees. At the time of application, the expressed purpose and intent for the facility use will need to be made in writing to the Executive Administrative Assistant of the Director of H.R. and Administrative Services. A church representative will be on-site for the duration of large events.

Learn about insurance, fees and restrictions.



Organizations will be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to Second Presbyterian Church showing liability coverage of not less than a million and Second Presbyterian Church added as an “additional insured.” Second Presbyterian Church and/or its employees shall not be responsible for damage or loss of property on Second Presbyterian Church premises sustained by applicant, a participant in a program, or anyone attending any program or event held on church property. The applicant (“organization”) shall indemnify and hold Second Presbyterian Church harmless from any claims arising from its use.

For activities with youth and children the church’s child ratio must be maintained as prescribed below:

Age of Youngest Youth         Ratio
Infant(1)                         1 Adult to 4 Youths
Toddler(2)                       1 Adult to 5 Youths
2 years                           1 Adult to 6 Youths
3 years                           1 Adult to 10 Youths
4 years                           1 Adult to 12 Youths
5 years                           1 Adult to 15 Youths
6 years & older                1 Adult to 20 Youths
(1) “Infant” means a child from six weeks of age to the time he is beginning to walk
(2) “Toddler” means a child from the time he is beginning to walk to age two years

Room Fees

Room Fees

These fees will be charged for non-church groups to help defray the cost of utilities and maintenance:

ROOM                                                  FULL DAY*     HALF DAY**
Chapel & Music Auditorium                         $ 300              $150
Sanctuary                                                  1,000               500
McFarland Hall                                             400                200
Community Room & Multi-purpose Room       150                 75
Parlor & Large Reception Room                     100                 50
Common Room & Room 112                          75                  40
All Classrooms                                             75                   35
Youth Suite                                                 200                100
(with approval of The Director of Youth and College Ministries)

*5 or more hours ** less than 5 hours

Multi-purpose Room may be rented by outside groups, however all participants must sign the necessary waivers and the group must provide their own recreational equipment. No food or drink is allowed in the Multi-purpose Room by outside groups, with the exception of water bottles for sport participants.

Children Circle’s classrooms, Rooms within the Center for Family Life Ministry and the Children’s Chapel are not available for rental by outside groups.

Service Fees

Service Fees

Custodial fees are for room arrangement and audio/visual equipment set-up, and custodial take-down of equipment, room arrangement and clean-up. The Building and Grounds custodial fees are as follows:

  • Up to 100 people -- $ 75 per day
  • Up to 300 people -- 150 per day
  • Up to 500 people -- 300 per day
  • More than 500 people -- 450 per day

The use of most audio/visual equipment available at Second Presbyterian Church is free. A rental fee of $150.00 will be charged for the use of a Data Projector and screen (7’ high x 8’ wide).

Services of a sound technician are available at $50.00 per hour (with a 2-hour minimum which includes a 1-hour set-up) to be requested a minimum of 3 weeks in advance of the event.
If OVER 250 persons are attending this event, TRAFFIC/SECURITY CONTROL IS REQUIRED. The cost is $280.00 for 2 traffic/security control officers on Meridian and who patrol the parking lots for 4-hour minimum. Traffic/Security control begins _ hour prior to event start time, and ends _ hour after the end of event time. Charges are subject to change WITHOUT NOTICE.

A Church Representative will be assigned as “host” for all overnight events, and a fee of $50 will be charged for this service.

Second Presbyterian Church reserves the right to make changes to any/all schedules in order to accommodate church ministry. This includes any contractual agreements for any group. The
church may adjust or waive any/all charges on an individual basis at our discretion.

Any group, which charges admission, will be charged $1.50 fee per attendee, in addition to room and other charges.

Not-for-profit groups may be eligible for a 50% discount if one of the following criteria is met:
a. Any outside group composed of 50% or more current Second Presbyterian Church members.
b. Any outside group whose stated purpose is to serve Christ and at this meeting would be working toward that purpose.

Groups not falling in the above categories may seek a Session Committee or executive staff member to sponsor their programs through the Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services to make them eligible for building usage and possibly discounted fees.

There will be no charge for room use for denominational meetings, General Assembly committees, Synod or Synod committees, Presbytery or Presbytery committees, Presbyterian Women’s groups or meetings of other Presbyterian churches.

Responsibilities of User

Responsibilities of User

A contract for community and social service groups using Second Presbyterian Church facilities must be signed and returned by the person making the arrangements no later than 6 weeks prior to the event, with a check for usage charges attached. Any room set-up/A/V needs must be requested no later than 3 weeks prior to the event.

The Director of Food Services will prepare all foods for events. The Director of Food Services will prepare a separate contract after the signed building use contract is received. A 50% deposit is required for Food Services. The balance of the charges is due the day of the event.

Any publicity for an event held at Second Presbyterian Church must state “SECOND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH IS NOT A SPONSOR OF THIS PROGRAM OR ACTIVITY.”

The Director of H.R. and Administrative Services is authorized to use discretionary judgment in making final determinations as to building usage and fee.

Groups will be responsible for any negligent damage to the church property.

Tables, chairs, and/or other furnishings used are to be returned to their original places. Any debris on floor or tables must be cleared away and rooms used left in good condition. Any resource material used must be replaced in its proper storage area (if you have one assigned at Second) or taken with you. Restrooms are to be left clean. Should there be spill, please clean floor immediately. Tile floors should be wiped up of any liquids or food. Carpeted floors should be blotted with water soaked paper towels and dried with paper towels. Please notify the Facilities Manager of the location of the spill so the cleaning service can give it immediate attention.

Groups using outdoor facilities are responsible for keeping the grounds clean and free of trash, bottles, containers, and papers. Rubbish must be disposed of by removing it from the Church property.



No alcoholic beverages or gambling activities, such as bingo or lotteries, are permitted. Groups of students, high school age or younger, must have a sufficient number of adult chaperones at all times; the name and telephone number of these persons must be on the request for room use. Smoking is not permitted in the building.

The City of Indianapolis prohibits candles or other open-flame devices or burning incense in public buildings except in the observance of a bona fide religious service. Contact the Director of Human Resources and Administrative Services for permission to use candles.

No political rallies or citizens groups for personal causes. No sale of merchandise or other activities for fund-raising purposes will be permitted, except by permission.

No taping of any type, adhesives, staples, or tacks are to be used on any wall surface. “Plastitak” is allowed on painted concrete or block walls for hanging things in classrooms. Nothing is to be mounted on doors, windows, glass, posts or mirrors regardless of how it is attached. Any item found improperly displayed will be removed and any damage to the above will be charged to the appropriate group.

No balloons may be used in the Atrium, McFarland Hall or Multipurpose rooms.

Use of the Sanctuary and Chapels will be reserved for acts of Christian worship and practice, subject to the discretion of the Senior Pastor. No food or beverage is allowed in the Sanctuary or Chapel.

Refer to separate policies for weddings and funerals.

No outside event, including weddings, will be scheduled the week prior to Easter, the Presbyterian Women’s Bazaar, Thanksgiving, Christmas Benevolence delivery day, or Christmas.

Parking is prohibited along the driveways.