Advocacy: Speak Out for Others


Why do we do this work? As Christians we are called to speak out on behalf of others. Read Rev. Chris Henry's article No More "Playing Church" and watch the conversation between Rev. Chris Henry and Jim Morris, president and CEO of Greater Indy Habitat for Humanity.  

Add your voice to Second's work addressing both hunger and housing issues right here in our community (a church for the city!) and across the country. We'll equip you with helpful information, as well as offer tools to help you contact your state and national government representatives.

Advocate for Action

So much of our mission work involves being the hands and feet of Christ, providing food for our neighbors, building and repairing homes. Advocacy Days allow us to amplify the voice of Christ as well, speaking out for those in need.

This work is nonpartisan. We are all called to bear the burdens of others and walk alongside our neighbors. Writing to our representatives is an opportunity to address the roots of housing and hunger issues, getting to the factors that perpetuate the problems.

Thank you for putting your faith into action by using your voice to advocate for others. Follow these three easy steps to speak out:

1.  Educate yourself about the issues and current legislation being considered.

2.  Gather names and addresses for your representatives.

Not sure who your representative is? Find out here. When you enter your address into this website, you'll learn who your state and national representatives are.

3.  Write a letter stating what is on your heart.

Sample Letter Format:

Address your letter to "The Honorable (name of member of Congress)"

Paragraph 1: Establish importance of this topic.

"Hunger is an important issue to me because..." (state why hunger is an important issue to you)


  • "My faith calls me to action..."
  • "I have faced hunger in my life..."
  • "I know people who odn't know where their next meal is coming from..."
  • "I work at a food pantry..."

Paragraph 2: Call to action

"You are facing legislation..."

  • List current legislation this Congressperson should be considering.
  • Tell the Congressperson how you would like them to vote on these issues. 
  • Let them know that you vote based on thes issue and that you will be watching to see what they do.

Sign your letter:

Your constituent,
Full address (to establish yourself as their constituent)

Thank you to Jeff and Cathie Reese for providing the food security research and these letter writing tips! Thank you to Rev. Tyler Brinks for researching housing legislation in Indiana!